Elastomax Colour ChartElasto-Max® was founded in 1987 and continues to be a WA operated business. Our roofing product is designed specifically for the harsh conditions of the Australian Climate and was first sold in Western Australia in 1990 so now has a substantial proven record in the building industry. Elasto-Max® is 100% acrylic and replaces the cement pointing on tiled roofs on new and existing dwellings firmly securing ridge capping for years to come. This WA manufactured product eliminates the ridge capping problem by ensuring the existence of flexibility in the visible pointing area on a roof. Once applied, Elasto-Max requires no maintenance.

With over 15 years market experience and a client base of over 600, we know Elasto-Max® outperforms cement grouts and other flexible roof tile pointing products in durability and appearance. Our roofing products has also received significant achievement regarding Australian Standards having obtained the highest rating of C4 as well as the new Australian Standard: AS4046.8 – 2006 by any flexible roof tile pointing product to the best of our knowledge.