Leaks & Repairs

Raining on RoofSometimes a leaking roof can be repaired quickly and easily to solve the problem, which may simply involve replacement of broken roof tiles or sealing up a small area. However, most of the time that a problem arises, it’s a sign of a larger issue that is being exposed at an early stage. If action is not taken to rectify the problem, the damage to your home will escalate, and so will the costs incurred in  repairs.

Most problems arise from lack of roof maintenance. The most common and essential areas of maintenance to consider are:

  • Gutters and downpipes
  • Ridgecapping
  • Valleys
  • Flashings

If these areas are in good condition, your roof will not only keep the weather out, it will last.

Improvearoof specializes in these areas because the most important function of your roof, is to keep the weather out of your home


Gutters collect and direct waterflow from the roof through the downpipes to the ground.

The most common gutter problems are rust and corrosion. These problems arise prematurely when:

  • Gutters are not regularly cleaned of leaves and debris.
  • Seals on gutter joins are not watertight.
  • Gutter systems are exposed to corrosive environments.
  • Insufficient angle of waterflow.


Valleys direct the water flow from the faces of the roof down to the gutters. They are called valleys because they lie in the valley of the join of where two faces of the roof join together.

Valleys require regular maintenance because any leaves or debris that get trapped in the valley will redirect the flow of water into the ceiling.

Valleys have to be replaced for a number of reasons:


Flashings are custom designed to a particular roof for the purpose of directing and collecting water flow avoiding penetration of water into the ceiling. Flashings often need to be replaced if they are split, rusty, corroded, or not suitably designed to keep the roof watertight.

Chimney Removal

If your fireplace has been made permanently unusable, improvearoof can
remove the chimney to leave your roof not only looking better, but also
eliminating another point of possible water penetration.

Ridge Capping

Ridge capping are the triangular shaped tiles that cover up the joins where two faces of a roof meet together. Without ridge capping, rain would penetrate the roof and also the tiles would be lifted and damaged by the weather.

The ridge capping is held in position by the cement it sits on, this is called bedding. On old roofs coloured cement was then applied with a smooth finish, which completed the process.

Today however, a flexible rubber based mortar has been devised to be applied (pointed) over the cement to not only make your roof look better, but to fix the ridgecap to the tiles, preventing cracking and sealing the water out. Improvearoof uses elastomax.