Leaks & Repairs

Raining on RoofSometimes a leaking roof can be repaired quickly and easily to solve the problem, which may simply involve replacement of broken roof tiles or sealing up a small area. However, most of the time that a problem arises, it’s a sign of a larger issue that is being exposed at an early stage. If action is not taken to rectify the problem, the damage to your home will escalate, and so will the costs incurred in  repairs.

Most problems arise from lack of roof maintenance. The most common and essential areas of maintenance to consider are:

  • Gutters and downpipes
  • Ridgecapping
  • Valleys
  • Flashings

If these areas are in good condition, your roof will not only keep the weather out, it will last.

Improvearoof specializes in these areas because the most important function of your roof, is to keep the weather out of your home