Ridge Capping

Ridge capping are the triangular shaped tiles that cover up the joins where two faces of a roof meet together. Without ridge capping, rain would penetrate the roof and also the tiles would be lifted and damaged by the weather.

The ridge capping is held in position by the cement it sits on, this is called bedding. On old roofs coloured cement was then applied with a smooth finish, which completed the process.

Today however, a flexible rubber based mortar has been devised to be applied (pointed) over the cement to not only make your roof look better, but to fix the ridgecap to the tiles, preventing cracking and sealing the water out. Improvearoof uses elastomax.

Rebedding is the process of resetting the ridgecapping in straight lines, on fresh cement.

Pointing is the process of applying the flexible mortar over the existing cement bedding and between each ridge cap join

Ridge cap replacement may be necessary if the old ridge caps are brittle and are likely to break during the process of rebedding or already have cracks.